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*The Art Of Living* *ONLINE MEDITATION & BREATH WORKSHOP* *Learn* Yoga & Pranayama Sudarshan kriya Meditations Value based Processes Fun-filled Interactive Sessions *Benefits* Strengthen Immunity Emotional & Mental well being Creative Thinking Enthusiasm, Positive attitude *4 days 2 hours/day* *Date : 9 - 12 July 2020* *Morning Batch Registration Link* *Age 18+* : *6:30AM - 8:30 AM* *Afternoon Batch Registration Link* *Age 18+*

A few experiences

The workshop got concluded well. As always, it was a super fun and learning experience for both the participants and the facilitators. 
Here is what the participants would like to share with all:

The point we discussed that "life is an expression of happiness and not a pursuit of happiness" resonated with me the most and gave me something to reflect on - When we search for something it generates a thought in the mind that we don't have it already. In turn, the eternal quest for future happiness generates the thought that we don't already have enough happiness, which leaves us dissatisfied. When we look around us rather than always ahead of us it allows us to express gratitude and thereby happiness for what we already have. When we see how much we already have the feeling of dissatisfaction and hence unhappiness then goes away.

A must do course guys... I am experiencing the change...its about everything. All the events in life. Just 4 days for 2 hours. Its time for yours…

Rebellion thy name is Youth,

"Whats in it for me?", "Why should I?", "Its my life, I don't need you teaching me how to live it", "I know everything and I have seen it all. Stay away."
We look forward to such charged emotions for they simply show the fire in you. And if you are in the age group of 18 to 35, we give you new reasons to rebel!
Rebel against that voice in your head which says you cannot achieve that life purpose, that dream, that passion. How about that voice which says you are not good enough, stars are not in your favor, its all her fault, pass the buck, and the one which puts you down and makes you sad. At times does not even let you think on what is it that you truly want out if these days on the planet. 
We are not here to teach you, preach you. That's what schools and colleges are for...
We are here to introduce you to the most charming one in the world- Yourself. Are you in?
There are secrets to the breath. Yup, that inhaling and exhaling that happens …

Workshop for Youth

_Do something today that your future self will thank you for_
*The Art of Living*  Online Breath and Meditation Workshop  *Youth Special*  The key to be your best at Health | Happiness | Career | Relationships | Communication skills | Creativity | Purpose | Confidence
Age criteria *18 to 35 yrs*
From 27 June to 30 June
7 pm to 9 pm

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